Reading Mire


I'm sure it's just a phase- I'll be out of it in no time...

I’m getting to the point in my life where people are starting to ask me to read things for them. I’m pleased- this is both flattering and fun for me, and gives me a chance to see what kind of work other writers are doing. It also makes for a very tall reading pile.

Yesterday, while meeting with a friend, I acquired two feature length scripts. Two days before that I got chipped of the five scripts nominated for best screenplay in the Academy Awards. Last week I got the manuscript for a classmates fantasy novel. Three issues of Variety, two library books, one installment of an epic series from the Curmudgeonly Lion’s collection… and a partridge in a pear tree.

With the exception of the screenplays, I’ve started reading nearly everything I the pile, but I’ve gotten mired in the middle of them. I make an effort to read a little bit every day and still I seem to make no progress. After work this evening I told myself that I was going to read one script, start to finish and get out off of my pile. So I sat down and read one of the newest scripts from my friend. I find that with screenplays I can read a whole feature script in about the two hours that the final movie should be, so I had to give myself enough time to make it all the way through.

The script itself was good- which I knew because I didn’t check the page count until about fifteen pages in- so at least it got me hooked. And they said that they were interested in notes so I’ll do a second pass to write down some thoughts now that I’ve gotten the whole story.  But it feels good to break out of the mired-in-the-middle feeling that I’ve been struggling with. Maybe I can keep up the new habit.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 11, 2016.

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