The Lion didn’t feel like cooking: and who could blame him? The fridge was nearly bare and it was the end of a long week so he suggested that we go out to eat instead.

A new shopping center has sprung up in the middle of town on the land that had once been a movie studio. The new commercial complex included a movie theatre and a twenty four hour fitness center- within walking distance of a new constellation of restaurants, among them a restaurant called The Lazy Dog. This place may or may not serve hot dogs and is apparently dog friendly. We tried going there near new years but it wasn’t open yet. Tonight seemed like the night to give it a second chance.

Well it was open this time. Boy howdy was it open. I was reminded why I usually try to avoid going out on Friday evenings. We arrived to a full parking lot and a thirty five minute wait and decided to try a new pizza place called Mod Pizza across the way.

I’d pointed out Mod Pizza on the drive in with the comment: “Mod Pizza is almost certainly thin crust.” I didn’t know. I’d never heard of Mod Pizza before that very moment, but it struck me as being a thin crust kind of place.

I was right.

Set up like a pizza version of Chipolte, you can order one of their signature pizzas like a “Jasper” or a “Winston”, or you can go down an ingredient line and build your own. The crust might as well be a tortilla, it’s so thin, but that was probably just as well since it needed to cook in under five minutes in a pizza oven.

Thin crust or not, it was delicious. It turns out that cauliflower is actually pretty tasty on pizza. Who knew? And we could get beer to go with it. My only complaint would have to be the noise level inside: everybody working behind the counter was so cheerful and energetic and young- and had AMAZING projection and they needed it just to be heard. I’d go back, but only if it were at a much less crowded time of day.

So it was a fun, impromptu date night. We almost did a movie too, but the shows we were interested in were sold out until midnight and we didn’t want to wait. So we came home, watched some television and went to bed. It’s a wild life I lead.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 12, 2016.

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