Mr Pool


Hello my new favorite seat...

Went to see the new “Deadpool” movie this evening at the new Cinemark theatre here in town. It’s one of those theatres with the big recliner seats, paired together so you can sit with a date, but plenty wide enough so that you never fight for elbow room on the armrest. There’s a partition wall behind each row so that no one can kick your seat (not that they could of they tried since the rows are deep enough to accommodate the footrests of the recliners and still leave enough room for other patrons to get to their seats. So someone would have to be about twelve feet tall to even be able to kick the wall.) The concession stand offers Starbucks and beer. You buy a ticket for a reserved seat and can pick it out online…. The Cinemark app even offers a “cinema mode” setting for your phone, with rewards that you can earn by leaving your phone In cinema mode for the entire film. Brilliant.

Dang! If my theatre going experience continues to be so good then I might make a point of going out to the movies more often. Bad theatre experience, as much as anything, has made it very difficult for me to want to see movies on the big screen. But good experiences make me remember why it is SO worth it! There’s just something special about going out to a movie that still isn’t lost on me even after three years of nit picking the life out of every aspect of the production process.

So a good time was had by all. It was a good day over all, in fact. Made it out for a run, crossed another script off of my reading list, made some headway on my writing, etc. I’m not used to having president’s day off, so just having an extra day to gather my wits for the coming week was nice. And it’s going to be a full week of presentations and Foley sessions and internship work. We will see how it all pans out.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 15, 2016.

One Response to “Mr Pool”

  1. I’m remembering late night foreign film showings in the sixties where we drank espresso and agonized over Fellini and Bergman. I believe it was at The Western movie theater in LA. BTW, the Taos theater right behind my house has been upgraded with much nicer recliner seats, not as nice as yours by any means, but much nicer, and I do love them. It has been one of the motivations for us going to more movies.

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