Now what was I doing with the pumpkin again?

It wasn’t until I walked in the door to the apartment on the dot of midnight that I realized that I hadn’t gotten around to writing anything for the day. If I wrote something before going to sleep ( as I am doing right now) then I would need to back date it to yesterday in order for it to “count” towards my posts for the day. A small part of me thought that seemed dishonest, but the bigger part of me thought that the effort of writing something before going to bed- even though it was wildly past my bedtime- made it worth the exception.

So here I am.

The lateness of the hour is already taking its toll: I did a full tour of the living room and turned out all the lights before remembering to take off my satchel. Then I dithered between the electric and conventional toothbrushes for an absurdly long time. Then I tried to take off my pants without first taking off my boots. My attention to detail clearly shut off at midnight.

Over all it was a strange day too: I found myself alternating between being so tired that I was nearly falling asleep in my chair and being so jittery that I couldn’t sit still. I couldn’t decide if I needed more coffee or to give it up all together. The jitters made me think that I might be going through periods of low blood sugar, but eating didn’t seem to help make them go away. Even eating at regular intervals to try to keep myself steady, I found myself feeling hungry all day. I told myself that a little hunger would do me good, considering my indulgent habits of late, but I was still tempted to stop and get something hot, salty and fried. (I resisted the urge. Yay me. I’m still hungry).

So there’s a chance that hunger, as much as tiredness is affecting my concentration.

On that note, I’m going to call it a night.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 18, 2016.

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