Photo Fifty Seven


The UTS!

So it’s kind of a joke in my family to send a can of cheese balls with a person who is making a cross country road trip. This tradition is my fault: as a four year old I accompanied my dad in the yellow moving truck when we moved cross country from New Mexico to Chicago. My mom sent a bag full of gift wrapped goodies to help keep me occupied on the trip: among these were my favorite treat- cheese balls. No sooner were these unwrapped, then they were ALL OVER the cab of the truck.

Later, on a cross country car trip w brought a jug of cheese balls as a joke thinking that, as grown ups, we would never spill them like a four year old child. We were wrong.

I’m pretty sure that my mom set a can of cheese balls with us when we moved to California, four years ago today, but we contrived to make it all the way across the country without spilling them.

So it seemed fitting that I should discover this jug of cheese balls out by the dumpster as I returned home from classes tonight. Kinda seemed like the cosmos was looking out for me.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 29, 2016.

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