In Like A Lion


I was never clear what the phrase “In like a lion, out like a lamb” referred to about March. I assume that it means the weather: if it starts out wild and stormy then it will end up mild and pleasant, or vice versa. Since the weather is always pretty much the same out here, it’s more like “in like a lamb, out like a lamb with a tan”.

Weather wise, it was a lamb day: grey and soft. I decided to go ahead and go for a morning run and I didn’t regret it. Whenever I convince myself to do a morning run I feel amazing, but some mornings I convince myself that I would feel just as amazing if I went back to bed. 

But today I managed to get out the door. I did a run, had a shower, brewed a fresh pot of coffee, worked on some writing… All in all a peaceful and productive morning. The Lion came out at noon. I had to get out the door for a meeting but I was trying to print something to bring with me. The printer spit out one hundred and thirty out of one hundred and forty pages of my document before refusing to go any further. The missing ten pages were the first ten pages of The document. All the rest of the printing was useless without them. The print job errored out. The printer went offline. I tried restarting the computer and it decided to install about fifty updates and then proceeded to ‘configure’ for an eternity as I watched minutes of precious commuting time tick away.

I finally gave up and left, without the document, in a hurry and a huff. I got to the van to discover it needed gas. I got to the gas station to discover that someone had pulled in to block both pumps. I finally found a pump that refused to give me a receipt. By the time I actually hit the road, I was in a very lion mood indeed.

These moments of anger have been striking me more and more often of late. I’m not sure what is causing them, only that I will find myself suddenly stricken with the need to go have a lie- down in a quiet room for twenty minutes to fight them off. Hopefully it is just a phase- something like the weather in March: in like a lion, out like a lamb. Here’s hoping.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 2, 2016.

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