Aggregate Poetry


Poetry in post its

If there were a Barbie version of myself, she wouldn’t be complete without a yellow legal pad. It’s where I write my lists, it’s where I jot down notes, it’s where most of my daily life gets organized. In the margins, I collect pieces of thoughts and phrases that I overhear or which catch my eye. Sometimes I’ll have three or four, back to back without any supporting context, forming something like freeform poetry.

I’m beginning to think of it as “aggregate poetry” that just sort of naturally forms like a pearl around the grit of real life. This week’s aggregate poem goes something like this:

“It’s not like there was one Jesus,
There were many Jesuses,
But there were many more whippers,
Paper: nimble and exact,
Married to the dark purple.
One day I went up the mountain,
With all my fears and worries,
I put my feet in the river.”

Ridiculous or profound? Hard to say, but somehow strangely evocative. Can I claim tip have written it? The words aren’t mine, just the collecting of them. And the punctuation- I added the punctuation.

And how does one correctly pluralize “Jesus”? Is it Jesuses? Jesi? Spell check has a problem with all of these options: or perhaps spell check comes with a Blasphemy-check feature that I didn’t know about. Who knew that poetry could raise so many questions?

Anyway, so that was my week summed up in a poem.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 4, 2016.

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