Costco and a Donut


Sunday shoppers

If I was going to drag myself out of bed and go straight to braving the crowds at Costco on a Sunday morning then there was no way that I was going to do it without coffee.

There are a lot of things that I like about Costco- enough that I made the switch from Sam’s Club and never looked back. But if there is one thing that gets me it’s the crowds. And there’s no way to avoid them: if you have a business membership at Sam’s Club you can get into the store in special early business hours to get a jump on the day before the crowds arrive. If you have the executive membership at Costco you don’t. Am I classist for wanting special perks? Maybe, but if I’m paying extra for my membership them I’d like to know what I’m paying extra for.

But no matter: we needed eggs and toilet paper so we were just going to have to brave the crowds.

Since we were out of eggs, it meant that we had to venture into the fray without our traditional breakfast for fortification. We left the house with a vague plan of getting something along the way only to discover a new Dunkin Donuts had opened in town, so we pulled in without a second thought. Every few months I get a strong urge for a donut and I was feeling the craving.

So coffee and donut in hand we ventured into Costco and managed to get out again with only five or six impulse buys along the way.

I found myself standing in the checkout line and surveying the wall to wall mass of shoppers thinking: ” and this is how much chaos there is in a store where supplies are plentiful and the shoppers are happy and well fed- what kind of chaos would it be if we were all hungry and fighting for the last box of supplies?” A rather frightening thought- and a reality in many parts of the world.

So while I may complain about crowds and hours and membership fees, I do realize just how lucky I am to start my day on the whim of a donut and to be able to go to a store and buy whatever I need ( and a few things that I don’t) and expect the shelves to be full and the price to be within my means. That’s a sign of an awful lot of things going right in my life that I take for granted every day. I hope that I can learn to recognize it more often and be grateful for it.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 6, 2016.

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