Scatter Day

There are days that are focused days and there are days that are scatter days. Today, it turns out, that it is a scatter day.

I’ve been making a valiant effort, but just haven’t been able to marshal my faculties to work very effectively. Effort, is the operative word. There has been a lot of effort, but not a lot of progress.

I have to think that the weather has something to do with it: we woke up in the morning to the sound of thunder and rain and both cats hiding underneath the bed. Rain came down heavily for about twenty minutes, but had pretty well let up before I actually hit the road to drive to campus. This was a good thing: rain is like kryptonite to Angeleno drivers.

By the time I made it to campus the weather was clear, but cold and windy, which I saw briefly through a window before going into a screening room to watch dailies for three hours. Then I descended into the basement to spend four hours working on sound editing. There was a little bit of this. A little bit of that. A little bit of Facebook. A lot of staring into space.

It was my first time using a “Sound Suite”- a quiet private room in with only two work stations in it (instead of twenty). It was nice to have the privacy- not least because I could listen to my sound designs over speakers instead of in headphones, but it wasn’t very conducive to staying on task. I also discovered how major a difference speaker-angle can make. If you angle the speakers just wrong then you will find yourself with one ear in a sound node and the other ear not hearing anything. It messes with your ability to judge things like volume, but also it messes with your sense of balance. Just saying.

So progress was minimal. I finally resorted to sorting things. Sorting things I can do without thinking about it. Was I making any progress? Hard to know, but at least I put some order into my world. I guess some days are just like that and I need to accept it, but it is frustrating to spin my wheels. Hopefully tomorrow will find me back on track.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 7, 2016.

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