Collect them all!

When I finished with my tax return, the software asked if I wanted to use my tax return to buy savings bonds. Sure, I thought, what the hell? I was planning to put the money in savings anyway, why not get a bond or two. I bought one for me and one for the Curmudgeonly Lion.

I’d never bought a savings bond before this. I have a handful of savings bonds that I’d been given as gifts I the past- one of which is only one month younger than I am. Mostly, though, they fall into the category of “Things that I stick in a box and forget about.”

I’m very good at this.

I like the idea that my ‘forgetfulness’ can earn me money- not a ton of money, to be sure, but a lot of little bits that add up. And what could be easier than doing nothing?

Money has been on my mind a lot lately- partly because I’m still working my way through “The Big Short” and I’m wicked jealous of their money-making acumen (turns out that I’m not immune to greed… Good to know) and partly because I’m eager to get out into the world to work so that the Curmudgeonly Lion can have the freedom to find his calling. It’s good to be motivated, but I worry that it might put my focus in the wrong place: money is neither the Emerald City nor the yellow brick road. It’s not the journey not the destination.  Money is the ruby slippers. You can use it like a tool, a shoe to walk a journey in, or you can use it as a magical talisman to set things right with three taps and a wishful thought. People might think you’re special because you have it.  And there will always be somebody cackling and plotting to take it away from you.

Oz is so much bigger than ruby slippers.

So while I have money on my mind, I’m trying to remind myself that it isn’t everything.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 11, 2016.

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