Looking Enough


It has been a few days and the feeling hadn’t changed: the feeling that I ought to be noticing something that I’m overlooking. It seems that everything that I read or see is pointing to this- the idea that most people aren’t looking at life, or aren’t seeing what is right in front of them because they don’t want to think about bad things happening or they’re already so certain that they know what they are looking at that they aren’t thinking critically about it.

At first the impulse was just to try to figure out what I’m not seeing. Difficult, but not impossible, but requiring a lot of focus and attention and mental cataloguing that I wasn’t quite mentally organized to do without some time to think things through.

Next the thought was: can I notice things if they are outside my skill set or will my insights naturally come in areas where I have some level of expertise? And if so, what areas do I have expertise in that I should be keeping my eyes open in?

Today, the thought has evolved further and I began to wonder whether it was necessary to go looking for something specific or whether it was enough to just be looking with intention? In other words: was I supposed to be looking for a specific problem to solve based upon my skills and the fact that no one else was addressing them, or was it enough to just be looking? Perhaps there is a Muse of Problems That Need Solving  who must be invoked for this kind of inspiration? The Muse Inevitablia? They say that fortune favors the prepared mind- perhaps this is a specific strain of fortune.

I’ve been thinking a lot about fortune lately too: both the literal money kind and the luck kind. There is a sense that I get that fortune doesn’t just wait around. I’m trying to not keep it waiting.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 12, 2016.

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