Paddy Day


Dinner of champions

We had a belated St Patricks Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage tonight. My sister, Bean, came by to join us for a visit which was pleasant for the evening. Before that I spent most of the day getting down to the paperwork that I’d been neglecting over the past week thanks to the break. It felt good to clear the clutter off of my mind. Unresolved tasks always feel like mental clutter: remember this, deal with that, organize these pieces, etc.

This week has gone so fast! Where did the time go? Next week is going to come out of the gate like a freight train and just gain speed for the rest of the semester until May. Yikes. But I’m excited too: everything feels very full of possibility right now. I look forward to seeing what opportunities come up and in the meantime I have plenty of things to keep me occupied so that I don’t dwell on things.

And in the meantime, meantime, I have two more days of vacation to enjoy. Life is good.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 18, 2016.

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