Margin Notes Poem #4: Manifesto


The words aren’t mine, just the punctuation. I was working on creating a “hit list” of all the films appearing in festivals this season. As I scrolled down the spreadsheet, I realized that the list of titles was… making a statement of its own:

I am a hero,
I am not a serial killer.
I am Sun Mu,
I am the blues,
I don’t believe in anarchy.
I don’t belong anywhere.
I eat, therefore I am,
I go back home,
I promise you anarchy.
I remember when I die,
I’ll sleep when I’m dead,
I’m all yours.
I’ve never not been from Miami.

This poetry business is new to me: I never had much patience for it before. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been trying too hard to construct poems instead of just allowing them to form. Maybe I’ve just never been open to them before. It’s ironic, perhaps, that the part of me that is finding these poems is the part of me making lists and adding punctuation. Who says left-brainedness isn’t creative?

And maybe it’s good that I’m not trying to write something to express some meaning but rather learning to find meaning in the world as it exists. Maybe it is more important to listen. Maybe it’s more important to look.

Maybe that’s enough writing for tonight.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 25, 2016.

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