I googled: "you should have thought of that before you left the house" thinking that I might get some fun cartoons or something. Instead? I get potatoes. Potatoes.

Popped awake at three-ish in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep: first too hot, then too cold, and all the while too full of racing thoughts. Mondays tend to be like that, but the panic usually hits between nine thirty and ten when I make my to do list for the day. Today all the to dos started crowding my mind before the sun even came up.

Getting out the door was probably the most difficult thing that I did all day. First I got out later than I had planned due to the fact that I decided to do the dishes ( as one of the easier items on my list to cross off). So while I was off to a later start, it was at least because I’d been doing something useful.

I was on the highway before I realized that I’d left my student ID at home. I’m breaking in a new purse, which is to say that the purse is actually breaking in me. After a week of sore shoulders I decided to go back to the threadbare old satchel for the rest of the semester- you know, just for comforts sake. I missed one pocket when I changed everything over.

So I got off at the next exit and went back. I wasn’t up against a hard deadline, at least: I was going in early to work on some sound editing, but I was going to need my ID to get a workstation.

While at home, standing in the kitchen, I told myself to think if there was anything else that I’d forgotten. I couldn’t think of anything. I went back to the car. I was halfway to campus before I realized that I’d forgotten my headphones. It was too late to go back. It was going to be hard to do a sound edit without them, but not impossible: I was just going to have to get an editing suite instead of working in a lab. Good thing I had my ID.

The rest of the day smoothed out, which was a relief. I crossed quite a number of things off my list so hopefully tonight I’ll be able to sleep. Fingers crossed.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 28, 2016.

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