Hump Daayee


There are some commercials that I like an irrational amount. The Geico “Hump Day Camel” is one of these. I don’t even really like it- I kinda think the term “hump day” is a lame pun: it’s the middle of the week! So it’s like a hump! It’s like being Over The Hill but with fewer black balloons and less cake.

Lame and cakeless or not, I laugh at the dang spot every time. Something in the delivery, I guess. 

Anyway, so it was Wednesday and certainly felt like a high point for the week: at least in effort if not in high spirits. I heard back about the application that I submitted for the Director’s Guild AD training program. I’d submitted back in November and the closer that I got to the end of March the more urgently I wanted to know if I was being considered: if only to know whether I could stop thinking about it! Well, I was not selected this year. I can apply again if I want- and I might do so, but this gives me a chance to get out in the world a little bit before committing to another high intensity training program. So I’m relieved to have an answer and I’m not too disappointed that it didn’t pan out, but then again I’ve got too many other things on my plate to feel sorry about anything 🙂 I imagine that when I have the brainpower to think about it again, I’ll be using it to pursue a different opportunity instead. I’m choosing to believe that if it is meant to happen that there will be nothing that I can do to stop it (whatever “it” may be… Hopefully a job), and if it’s not meant to happen than I won’t be able to do anything to force it. So why worry?

Anyway, I hope that I’m on the downhill slope of the week now.

Maybe there will be cake.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 30, 2016.

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