Fly: The Sequel


Nooo! It's too horrible!

The Houdini fly survived another day in the apartment, completely avoiding the flypaper and both cats all day long. He reigned supreme within his domain until I got home from campus and snapped him viciously off the shower curtain with a pair of running skorts. He was once again dispatched to a watery grave, this time of the flushing variety. He belongs to the Department of Sanitation now, which is either fly hell  or fly heaven.

It was my most dramatic moment of the day. I very nearly went home early after a massive headache settled behind my eyes around lunchtime and refused to be lifted by caffiene, ibuprofen, or food. When it started messing with my balance I nearly called it a day, but somehow managed to soldier through several more hours of sound editing and an evening class. My ears are still ringing a bit and my hearing in my left ear went out briefly on the drive home, so something is up with my wiring, but on the whole I’m feeling much better now. With luck tomorrow will be a steadier day.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 4, 2016.

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