There’s a fly in the apartment. There were two of them earlier, inspiring me to break out one of the flypaper strips that I’d stashed away for just such an occasion. The Curmudgeonly Lion knocked one fly into the sink and washed it down the drain and shut the second one between the screen door and the sliding glass door when closing up the kitchen for the night, so I can only presume that the fly currently buzzing around is some kind of Houdini creature back from his apparent watery grave in the kitchen drain.

The flypaper has not stopped a single fly so far.

So I’m writing hastily so that I can turn off the light so as not to attract the bugger into the bedroom anymore. Nope. Nevermind. It’s poised on the wall over the bed rubbing its little hands together like a buzzy, red eyed supervillain.

Anyway… After yesterday’s mood disruptions I was pleased to spend a day on a reasonably even keel today. The coming week will be the true test of my endurance, though, with a busy week of classes and a day off production at the end. It will be a relief to have that off of my mind as it seems to be giving me wild dreams about tornadoes and tidal waves, etc. It was quite a night for dreaming last night- not as restful as I might’ve hoped, but what it lacked inn tranquility it made up for in entertainment value.

So there’s this quote from one of the younger Zuckerbergs that in life there is Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, and Friends and you only get to pick three of them at a time. The sentiment was meant for entrepreneurs trying to launch a start up, but It certainly seems like it is ringing true for me these days- especially with the notion of Fitness and whether I can find time to squeeze it in. Cuz I just can’t function without Sleep and the vast majority of my walking hours is spent on Work with a tiny bit of Family time squeezed in at the edges. Is that a sign that I don’t have my priorities straight? I hope not- the work is meaningful to me and the hours seem worth the sacrifice: especially if I can parlay them into a job that will support that family.  But I also love my running- and only seem to manage to do it on the days when I’m not working, so… I guess the rule of thumb holds true.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. The cat had taken on the fly in a contest of speed and agility. We’ll see who wins.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 4, 2016.

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