Decking The Halls

Saturday is my shoot day for a short film that I’m working on for my Advanced Directing class and today was my first, last, and only day to prep for it. So I had my work cut out for me.

Mostly, prep consisted of two things: cleaning house and decorating for Christmas. I’d pulled all the Christmas decorations out of storage over the weekend, but cleaning needed to happen first: it was going to be hard to put up a Christmas tree with a thickness planer and a router table in the living room. More than that, if I was going to have a crew of people working in the house it was going to be a good idea to de-cat-hair the place as much as possible, and provide a clean bathroom.

I decided to start with laundry, mostly because the futon cover really needed a wash and because I’d run out of clean pants and the Curmudgeonly Lion had run out of socks. By the time all was said and done, I had gathered eight loads of laundry. I made it through six before I ran out of quarters. A roll and a half of quarters just doesn’t cover eight loads of laundry like it used to. On the sixth load I was one quarter short of being able to run the dryer so everything had to be air dried on the pool fence.

So the whole morning was dedicated to laundry pretty much. I stopped long enough to touch base with my producer and had some lunch then got down to the business of decking the halls. I got out the tree and strung it with three different kinds of lights and then hung it with ornaments. I didn’t bother with the little sentimental ones, just the big flashy ones. I dusted all the surfaces and dug out Christmas cards and as many winter themed tchotchkes as I could find. At a certain point, I realized that I might be cleaning too much- after all, the setting that I was trying to evoke was a home where a kid lived. I wished that I had more toys.

So the house was decorated and mostly cleaned and I’m worn out. Nothing like having just one day to prep to keep you focused! A productive day, but a tiring one. And festive. Tomorrow, back to reality.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 6, 2016.

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