It will make you delicious, though.

Having rain on a production day turns out to be a double edged sword. I’d been hoping for rain yesterday in the hopes that it would discourage the kids from playing out in the courtyard and making a lot of noise (they sound like they’re being attacked by pterodactyls). The downside of kids not playing outside is that it means that instead they spent the whole day playing inside which involved running endless laps around the apartment upstairs. They seemed to be especially good about starting up at the exact moment that I said “action”. So every take is underscored by the pitter pat of little feet.

But aside from that the day went smoothly.

The day after production always feels like the day after a really big workout. Doubly so when the production involves a child actor and a lot of kneeling and crouching to get down to kid level to give direction. I got my lunges in.

I was aching all over today as I tried to de-Christmas the house. I’ve mostly gotten all the decorations back into the crate- hopefully until next Christmas. I haven’t yet had the chance to look at the footage, but I hope to see it tomorrow on campus. Tomorrow afternoon I have a few more hours of production and then, with luck, I’ll have everything that I need to begin editing.

Now that I’m coming out on the far side of production I’m going to need to get my priorities straight for the rest of the semester with the amount of work load that I have for the next three weeks. It has been easy to put it out of my mind until now, but I can’t put it off any longer: dang- I’m graduating, and I still don’t know what happens next. I’m trying to accept the uncertainty and to just have faith that the next step is there even if I don’t see it yet. Maybe I have to get out into the weeds a bit in order to find it. It’s surprising how much work it takes to accept uncertainty.

Anyway, another busy week is done, another busy week ahead. đŸ™‚

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 10, 2016.

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