In The Wind

What a week!

I didn’t get around to posting anything yesterday (I spent my time texting cake- fails to my sister Filbert for her birthday instead.) Today is likely to be a bit disjointed as well: I have a lot of loose thoughts but no big insights off the top of my head. I might need to digest the week a bit first.

I keep having to remind myself to be humble. By this time next week I’ll be graduated and instead of being a big fish on a college campus I’m about to become krill in the ocean of reality, so maybe I shouldn’t be too proud about things like restocking or sorting or organizing. They’re not difficult tasks and I actually like doing them, but sometimes I find myself getting annoyed that I’m the only one who seems to be expected to do them. I work hard to not complain, but inside there is a silent war between enjoying easy work and hating that my skills aren’t being put to better use. For all my desire to be considered a creator of broad dramatic strokes, I’m beginning to realize that the true mastery lies in the details- the small moments of effort put forth where apathy reigns.

Yesterday was a sound mix day for the class that I am an assistant for. Some times mix days run themselves and other days they require constant babysitting. Yesterday was a babysitting day. It’s not that there were problems exactly, but rather that there didn’t seem to be down time in which I could work on anything else. I managed to write a few thank you notes, but that was it.

There’s plenty that I need to get to in the next few weeks and I’m trying to work out a plan on how to proceed with it all without freaking myself out. Mostly, the solution so far has been: put it out of my mind until later.

I’m coming to the end of my internship and today there were several interviews with candidates for new interns which I got to observe like a fly on the wall. I didn’t get to see or hear the actual interviews, but I overheard some of the reactions after the fact. You would not believe how many points you can lose by not dressing for the job. One candidate apparently had a marvelous resume and a lot of experience but arrived (late) so casually dressed that it ruled her out almost from the moment that she walked in the door. Yikes. Appearances count.

The wind today was fierce. As I neared the airport on the morning commute, the gusts kept trying to push the van sideways. I could see it whipping overhead a in the trees, but on ground level it seemed just like a pleasant but heavy wind.

I saw a campaign sign for “Cookie Zombie”. Still not sure if that was a troll.

Ok that’s all for tonight. Friday. Wooo. Going to bed.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 15, 2016.

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