What strange new world is this?

I went to the post production lab and arrived nearly the moment that it opened. I wasn’t the first person there. It’s that time of the semester.

My first order of business was to teach myself how to sync video footage with sound clips. I knew how to do it manually in a timeline, but I didn’t know how to save the synced clips back into a bin, and I felt certain that there must be a more official way to go about it. If I have one regret about my time in graduate school it might be that I didn’t learn more about editing. I can do the basics, but it would be a huge help to be able to edit my own work in the near future.

Instructions for “the official way” of syncing footage were available online. The process wasn’t difficult but turned out to be a bit tedious since I had to do one clip at a time and each clip had three audio clips to go with it. But I was proud of myself for making the effort and now I’ll be able to work with synced clips that I can go back to again and again without having to resync audio at every step.

I wish that I could say that cutting together the scene went quickly after that, but alas that would make a liar out of me. I was able to put together a rough assembly to at least see if I’m roughly in the ballpark of the running time that I expected.

After that, I needed to switch gears- partly for a change in scenery and partly because I had another project that needed some work, namely my sound design project for my Advanced sound class. One of the rules of thumb espoused by the professor is to “complete whole tasks”, which is to say, work on one part of the project until it is finished before moving on to the next.

I elected to work on Foley. We’d recorded a session of Foley for the project weeks ago and I still hadn’t cut it in. That seemed like a manageable, completable task. It took several hours, but I got it done and decided that I’d made enough progress on both projects to earn the privilege of going home for dinner.

I emerged in the half darkness of dusk and realize that I hadn’t called my folks yet all week. I tried calling from the car on the way home but they were speaking to old family friends on the other line and asked if they could call me back. They did call back but I missed it, having made it home and having put my phone down with my bags to escape into a quieter room for a few minutes to try to relax. It was late by the time I saw the missed call so I’ll call during the day tomorrow instead.

I missed speaking to my folks. I also missed going for a run- both yesterday and today. Yesterday I missed going for a run on order to attend a party with some friend-quaintences of the Curmudgeonly Lion’s. They had been kind enough to invite us out to their place to play Rock Band- which I’d never played before nor had much interest in, but if it was a chance for the Curmudgeonly Lion to get out of the house for some fun then I wasn’t going to be the party pooper. It turned out to be a great time. Forgoing the run was a necessary sacrifice and I don’t regret it exactly, but I’m sorry to have missed it. Both the phone call and the running. I guess that’s just the fact of life for now: other things are going to need to take up my time.

Ok, I think that sums things up and makes up for the past few lazy posts that I put up.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 17, 2016.

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