I made several unsuccessful attempts to write this post today. First I wanted to write about how angry it makes me when competent female characters are relegated to be the sidekick to a male character, which I planned to tie in to my feelings about the fact that male characters do all the talking and my recent viewing of the “One Dimensional Female Character” skit on SNL, which was so true that it hurt. But my feelings turned out to be too convoluted for  easy summary and made me too angry to think about.

It might be the hormones talking or it might be end of semester stress, but the anger has been a lot closer to the surface lately. I think that I’ve been hiding it ok, but it keeps catching me off guard at unexpected moments. Criticism over getting hotdog buns instead of sausage rolls (potato, potato?) is enough to get under my skin.

So in spite of several attempts I’m still typing this on my phone late at night so I’ll have to cut it short. Better luck tomorrow.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 19, 2016.

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