And I Feel Fine

In my dream, the world was coming to an end. I had to say goodbye to everyone who was important to me, but I also had to organize it into a Pro Tools session because even the end of the world needed to be sound designed.

I’m realizing that the world coming to an end is a very prevalent theme these days. It’s certainly a core plot point in both the books that I’m reading at the moment: in one book the world came to an end in the pages that I just read today. In the other, I expect that the end of the world is still six or seven books down the line of the series, but they make up for that by taking about it a lot in prophecies. On television the world descends into zombie infested chaos, or alien invaded chaos, or epidemic outbreak chaos. On Netflix the end of the world is coming from a secret society of ninjas… I think… They keep stopping the storyline to have fights that leave the hero impossibly injured- at least until the next episode when he does it all again.

The point is, I seem to have doom on the mind. Doom and sound design. That sounds like the title of a biography. “Doom and Sound Design: The Life of Earsy Listenwell”.  Hopefully not mine.

At any rate, I hope that I can sleep better tonight than last night. One more long day to go and then I can sleep in and relax and see the Curmudgeonly Lion for a few waking hours. Maybe even go for a run. It’s something to look forward to, anyway.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 29, 2016.

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