Photo Ninety Nine


People who know me well will know why I took this picture.

No showcase tonight, but in the continuing vein of “let’s go see live theatre” I went to go see “A Gambler’s Guide To Dying”- a one man show at the Ruskin Theatre out by the Santa Monica airport, performed by my friend’s husband. Which, when I put it like that makes it sound rather dire- like, ‘I had to go see my friend’s husband’s one man show at a theatre out by the airport’ when really it was a very excellent virtuoso performance by a very skilled actor. Who happens to be married to a friend. It made me miss Scotland. All the characters were Scottish. He did a great job with the Glaswegian accent. They even sold Irn-Bru at the concession counter (I resisted the urge to buy it for sentiments sake- it’s not like I would ever want to drink it.)

All in all it was a perfect performance to cap off a week of performances. And it made me realize that I want to go back to Scotland. Soonish.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 29, 2016.

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