I got out the door layer than I’d hoped. Before leaving I dug my heels in and did all the dishes in the sink. They were beginning to colonize the counters and the stove so it needed to be done and took almost half an hour- not long in the grand scheme of things, but an eternity when you only have an hour to get yourself out the door.

Then the milk was bad. That slowed down breakfast. But once these hurdles were cleared the day began to pick up momentum. I knew that I had a lot that needed to get done. The tasks crowded my head until I couldn’t think of anything else. I finally had to resort to my old standby- I wrote myself a list. I’m not sure that I followed it much, but it helped me to order my thoughts long enough to get a toehold on the work and that’s what really matters.

Tomorrow will be differently busy. First a recording session, then a screening, then load ins for sound mixes on Wednesday, then a meeting in Santa Monica. That’ll keep me hopping, but I should be able to keep on top of it if I stay focused.

So that’s my day. On to the rest of the week!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 2, 2016.

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