I’m waiting for a mix stage to become available so that I can load in a project for a mix tomorrow. It’s the time of the semester when every minute on the mix stages is spoken for, so it’s no surprise that there’s some competition for the space. I’m trying to use the time wisely.

Another busy day. It started on an ADR stage which is a small recording stage for actors to replace or add lines of dialogue to a project. It was my first time using the ‘real’ ADR stage ( as compared to the diet version available to lower level classes) so I was nervous, but it all went well.

After that was the final screenings for Advanced Directing class. I showed a revised cut off the film and got a good response- even a few laughs, which was edifying. There are a few more people that I want to get opinions from, but I feel like I’m closing in on a final cut so that I can move on to sound and get back into my wheelhouse.

After that, it was sound lock- the deadline where students are supposed to stop working on their sound designs and turn them over to be loaded onto the mix stages. This was supposed to take place at one, but since directing class ran long I didn’t start looking for them until after two, at which point only one out of the five projects was ready. I did a circuit of the labs to put pressure on the stragglers- some of whom had suspiciously few sessions (a new session is supposed to be saved each time the project gets worked on). It was hard to have to cut them off when they didn’t have an afternoon class or anything competing for their time, but there had been plenty of time to work before this afternoon too. It was even harder to cut short the editors who had put in a lot of work already and were being extra diligent about fine tuning the details.

I’m realizing that I appreciate effort a lot more than talent.

Load ins got deferred until the evening due to all the mix stages being occupied.

After that was a meeting across town in Santa Monica- as easy gravity well to call into during rush hour and a nightmare to climb back out of. Luckily, by the time I hit the road, traffic was moving, albeit slowly.

Which brings me back to load ins. I didn’t finish until almost ten and then headed straight home to go to bed. It’s an early start tomorrow for mixes so I’m going to call it a night.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 3, 2016.

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