I’m beginning the changeover from non stop to having social time with family. Today was half dedicated to sound and half dedicated to family and seemed like a good transition, but it still feels strange to say ‘I have no plans for tomorrow’.

My folks arrived in town during the afternoon and I made it out to their hotel in time for dinner at the hotel restaurant (which was amazing). Since the reason for their visit was to celebrate my upcoming graduation (a little bit early so that we actually get to see each other instead of spending all our time at a graduation ceremony) they brought a gift and cards. My Mom makes homemade greeting cards with photos that she takes. Usually these are of flowers or landscapes or interesting objects or sculpture, but the cards she made for graduation were of me as a toddler- one that was of me with her and one that was of me with Dad. Inside, she and Dad both talked about how they looked at me as a baby and wondered what I would be like when I grew up and that they were proud of me and other nice things that made it hard not to cry while reading them.

On the drive back home I started thinking about what that must have been like to see me as a baby. I certainly don’t remember it, although my memory goes pretty far back. In essence, I am a stranger to myself. I have to wonder what I would think of myself if I were to meet myself at age one. Would I already recognize traits that would follow me into adulthood? Would I see traits that I’ve since lost? Would I get along with myself? Would I recognize myself? How strange to think that somewhere in that forgotten self was the seeds to what I am today. What seeds are in me today that will determine who I will be tomorrow? I’m interested to find out.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 5, 2016.

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