A Day With No Plans

Going into today, I had no formal plans aside from meeting up with my Mom at eleven and then playing the rest of the day by ear. This turned out to be a good thing considering that it rained buckets on and off all afternoon so any plans we might have had would’ve been disrupted anyway. The down side was that most of our day was spent finding places to sit and visit that weren’t too cold or damp. We had lunch at a restaurant ( not damp, but loud), then went to a thrift shop and browsed around although I was underwhelmed by the selection. I’d kinda hoped to find a dress of some kind that I could get for graduation but nothing struck me. Then we went back to the hotel where they were staying and decided to color for a while in some grown up coloring books. This turned out to be a good activity for visiting since it took the awkwardness out of silences. At first we were in a tea room, which was quiet and well lit, but cold, and we were final driven out when the staff started to set up for a banquet that was going to be held that evening. We then moved down to a restaurant that was warmer- for a while, until they turned the air conditioning on and dimmed the lights. We just couldn’t seem to win.

We went and had dinner and decided to call it an early night. I was plenty tired by the time we headed home: too much fun I guess. Hopefully I’ll pace myself better tomorrow.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 6, 2016.

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