Screening Day

Today was the final screening for the class that I am a student assistant for. Since my parents were in town they joined me to watch the finished films even though none of them were mine, which gave them a chance to see some of the work that I write to them about. After that, I took them on a tour of campus so that they could see what I meant when talking about ‘the post production lab’ or, ‘ the Foley stage’ or, ‘ the mix stage’. It was a good visit although it was hard to show them the spaces on a weekend when there weren’t the normal people around to introduce them to and to explain why I spend so much time in these places.

At one point my Mom asked me if I thought I’d had the right amount off time at grad school. I gave kind of a round about answer that if I did have more time that there were still things that I’d love to learn, but over all I felt like it was the right amount of time. So I guess that’s a ‘yes’. I certainly don’t feel like I’m leaving with regrets or with a sense that there’s something still missing ( except for an answer to the question of “so, what’s next?) I guess that’s about the best answer that there is- stay too long and you risk outgrowing a place, but don’t stay long enough and you feel like you don’t get enough out of it. I’m at a happy medium.

After screenings we went to Steadfast and Bean’s for Chinese food and chit chat. They spent the day looking at a potential new home which looks very nice if they’re able to get it. My fingers are crossed for them. We’ll be in house hunting mode soon ourselves.

So all in all another pleasant day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 7, 2016.

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