Backgrounds are to sound what walls are to paintings: if you make the right choices about what to put on them then nobody even notices that they’re there.

I spent most of the day building backgrounds for a sound design that I’m working on. You never realize how many different kinds of hisses and buzzes and tones there are until you work on backgrounds. So it was a productive day, but not extravagantly noteworthy. I stayed until the labs closed and got home before the sun went down. I considered going for a run but when I got home the Curmudgeonly Lion was already fixing dinner and lunch had been rather sparse so I didn’t push the matter. We caught up on a few tv shows and then I settled in to do some reading.

So a good day, but not very exciting to write about.

In the drive home there was a freight train collecting tanker cars from a siding. That was interesting to watch- which was a good thing because as long as the train was moving, the crossing stayed closed and traffic couldn’t move. The sound of the train as it slowed itself to collide with the tankers was an eerie chorus of shrieking notes like nothing I’ve ever heard. The word that popped into my mind at the time was that it came from a “squealing flange”, like the shriek that an el train makes when going around a corner, but I don’t think it was the flanges making the squeals, but rather the brakes. So there was that.

Tomorrow is a strangely open day- no formal obligations, but plenty to do. My goals include: laundry, finding a dress for graduation (apparently white dresses are de rigueur for graduation now- when did this become a thing? Fashionable or not, I shall not be wearing white. ) writing thank you notes for my professors, and trying to install ProTools on my desktop at home. So I have my work cut out for me.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 11, 2016.

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