Today would have been the birthday of one of the neighbors who lived a few houses down from my folks, back in Illinois. For a long time he and his wife were the surrogate grandparents that we invited over for every special occasion. He’s passed away now for many years, but I never deleted the birthday notification out of my calendar, so each year I find myself quietly crossing the threshold of memories of people who have left this world.

It’s quite a time for thresholds at the moment. Yesterday was graduation, today was a sendoff party for several faculty and staff members who are likewise leaving the confines of academia for the wider world. It was hard to be truly sad since I’m in the same boat and I like to believe that there are wonderful possibilities to come, but also hard to be quite happy since I know that I won’t just be able to come back to campus to see them again. It was a good party, though: sound folk have excellent food traditions (tasty and lots of it) so it’s always a good time. And it was easier to chat with people than yesterday since there was slightly less competition for everybody’s attention… Except for the one seven month old at the party… He got all the attention.

As if that wasn’t enough partying, we are preparing to go out again this evening for a get together at an Irish pub with a bunch of other graduates. So I need to wrap this up so that we can hit the road, but it promises to be a good time as well.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 14, 2016.

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