Storied Life


Maybe when I go to Mars a woman can be interesting for a while.

So it has come time to retire a whole category of this blog: the ‘Graduate Life’ category. In some ways this will probably be a relief because I’m sure there were plenty of posts that were uninspired, repetitive and last-minute. And written on a cellphone late at night which I’m sure has caused some interesting, editorial malapropisms thanks to autocorrect. (Interestingly, autocorrect doesn’t recognize ‘malapropism’- the closest it could come up with was ‘jalapeno’).

So it’ll be nice to start writing things earlier in the day, upright, at a computer, and with more time to dedicate to having a point and telling a coherent story. That said, however, there’s also a chance that there may not be as much interesting stuff to write about. Being at school may have been overwhelming at times but it was never boring. And it was structured. I could count on Friday being just as interesting as Monday and weekends to be the most interesting of all if there was a production going on. Now I’m at the mercy of the economics of the working world and there is likely to be some boredom involved until I get my bearings.

Which brings me to my thought of the day: if my goal is to write every day and my tendency is to write about what happened to me during that day and I occasionally find myself at a loss to come up with something interesting to say, does that mean that there are days of my life that are actually so uninteresting as to defy storytelling? Or is it a lack of imagination and effort on my part to mine the inherent drama out of that day and turn it into a story worth telling? Are there some days in life that exist just so that we can say that “several days went by” in the larger narrative of life? If so, what does that say about a life? Are those un-storied days lost or wasted? Or are they just overlooked?

I like to think that the fault lies with me as a storyteller, because often I will find myself at the end of a full and interesting day with nothing to say about it. I would like to live a storied life and to have a story to tell about every single day of it, but I think that I need to start paying more attention to my narrative skills if I want to make this happen.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 15, 2016.

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