Because frankly, I worry that if it reaches the ground it will put down roots.

Because frankly, I worry that if it reaches the ground it will put down roots.

I’m still getting used to this business of being the master of my own time again. I expected the feeling to set in last week after classes were ended, but I was so wrapped up with graduation that I didn’t really have time to sit and think about what to do next. Yesterday was a fallow day- a day to do nothing. I mostly succeeded at this, but finally had to give in and Make A List around five o’clock in the evening.  Today was going to be my real test: would I set good habits by getting right to work or would I fall into a pattern of procrastination with no routine to keep me on task.

Well, I may not have a routine, but I do have a deadline. This is my week to complete a sound design on a thesis film. Next week begins mix. Chop chop.

So naturally the first thing that I did with my day was to cut my hair. Chop-chop.  Ok, more like snip snip. I gave myself some layers in the front and did my best not to trim too much length off the back. I still ended up with a braid of discarded hair plush enough to re-wig an American Girl doll. I still sit on my hair if I’m not careful. It was one of those tasks that had been hovering on the edges of my mind for several months now. When you have long hair- especially if you have long red hair, you don’t dare tell anyone that you’re thinking of cutting it. People have opinions about the cutting of long red hair. But people don’t have to live with it and I do. And I wanted a new look.

That was my first task. After that, it was right back to sound editing. I decided to start myself off easy: my only goal was to get started working on sound editing at home for the very first time. After months of frustration, we finally got the sound editing software installed on my desktop, but I had yet to actually try to open one of my project sessions.

I opened my first project session: Backgrounds. The Backgrounds session loaded fine. All the source files for the audio did not. Somehow, I hadn’t directed the files to the right folder when I last worked on the project and they didn’t make it onto my hard drive. I tried not to panic- it was a familiar problem that I’d dealt with before, but the only way to solve it was to have access to the post production lab on campus. Which is currently closed. I looked up the schedule and realized that it would be opening for By Appointment Only later this week so I sent an email to the sound department manager to find out when I could come in.

Then I decided to go ahead and work on ADR instead.

The rest of the day was spent cutting ADR, wild lines, and walla. I discovered that group walla- recordings of multiple people all talking to create the sensation of a crowd- can be an interesting way to add information in a scene. Unlike Dialogue, which is meant to be as clean and understandable as possible, the goal for walla is to be a mumbling jumble of vocal noise that sounds like speech but never makes you feel like you have to “catch” what they are saying. But then again, a few well placed phrases here and there can make for an interesting counterpoint to the action.

So that was my day. Tomorrow I’ll try to solve the problem with my Backgrounds session and try to make progress there.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 16, 2016.

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