Photo One Hundred And Eleven


Haircut Part 1

It was time for a change. For the past three years I’ve just let my hair do it’s own thing- and as a result it is now longer than my arm and I have a tendency to sit on it. I nearly always wore it up in a bun to keep it out of the way. When I did wear it down, it was so long that it just sort of hung there without much shape.

I’ve been wanting to cut it for a while now, but partly I’d been too busy and partly I didn’t want to muck it up right before graduation. I cut my own hair. I’m no expert at it, but at least if I make a mistake then it’s my own fault.

So this picture is of step one: I took a little bit of length off the front to help frame my face but still left everything long. I cut it dry so that I could try to get a sense of where the curls like to go (my hair is booby trapped with unexpected curl that you can’t see when it’s long because the weight straightens it out but that suddenly appear when it is shortened). The next step will be to wash it and see where I need to fine-tune the work.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 16, 2016.

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