Day Part 1

Four thirty in the morning: I pop awake. I’m overheating again. I’m having a circular, recurring nightmare about sound editing again. The cat is scratching again.

l lie in this state for half an hour before I check the clock. Three minutes to five. Still too hot- and not in the sexy way. Still grinding over the same Foley coughs and breaths in my mental ProTools session. Every time I ‘fix’ something I come back to it later and have to fix it again. The cat is still scratching. Being thwapped with a pillow and spritzed with water is only a temporary deterrent.

Five thirty- I’m finally cool enough for blankets again. It seems like a good time to sleep again but the cats have escalated to vomiting. Outside the window someone is running their car and opening and closing the doors. And opening. And closing. And opening. And closing. I find myself wondering where they managed to find a car with twelve different doors and whether it would still run if they didn’t open and close each one before departing.

I give up. I put on glasses and turn on the light.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 24, 2016.

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