Intermittent Warfare

I'm not yelling!

I’m not yelling!

Today we mixed the combat scene, so the day involved a lot of sounds so loud that they were palpable in the air. After two or three hours, we gave up trying to be heroes- no pun intended- and bought earplugs.

It was still impossibly loud, even with the earplugs in. Very realistic. And very repetitive. Every explosion was made up of multiple sound elements and ever sound element had to be leveled and EQed and reverb added (with a decay so long it would probably still be ringing out if we hadn’t closed the session) and otherwise treated to make it sound realistic. And each adjustment to each element needed to be listened to over and over for comparison’s sake. So it’s safe to say that we listened to every nuance of the sounds of that combat.

It is hard work to be pounded with that kind of sound all day. You don’t realize how exhausting it can be to just listen to something until that something is an explosion and you listen to it for hours on end. It makes me realize how hard it must be just to be in a combat zone- whether actively engaged or not. I have a new appreciation for the endurance that it takes.

For all of my complaining, though, it was a reasonably productive day. We are in the very final stages of our mix and tomorrow we should be able to do the print-mastering and finally get to take a look at the high-res, color corrected footage. (Sound typically works to a low res reference video because it is mostly just used as guidance and sync). It will be exciting to see everything come together.

And then it will be crossed off of my list!

I’m almost as excited about having this off my plate as I am excited to see how it turns out. Almost. But my satisfaction is going to be short lived: already I’m starting to think about the next thing(s) that I need to get done once I no longer have the excuse of sound design deadlines to hide behind. I was already getting myself wound up, worrying about the next batch of tasks and thinking about all the things that I didn’t get done today in the car during the commute home. It feels a bit pathological- always running from one thing straight into the next. Even as I cross this project off my list I am applying for new jobs as fast as I can in the hopes that I never have to stop running… no matter how tired I get.

So I’m pushing myself to new levels of endurance. Hopefully it will pay off.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 26, 2016.

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