Food is not allowed on the mix stages, so every time I need a snack during sound mix I have to step outside to eat.

Normally, I would go to The Locker Area (the designated spot for eating down here in the post-production lab) but I wanted to stay handy to the stage in case there was an issue with the mix. So lately I’ve found myself standing in the hallway munching on veggies and string cheese and staring at the movie posters on the wall.

All the walls of the School of Cinematic Arts are decorated with movie posters. I keep thinking that I’ll someday learn how to navigate by them, but I never managed to memorize them. But over the past few days I’ve gotten to know the posters down near the mix stages very well. On the left hand wall is “Leaving Las Vegas”. On the right hand wall is “Night At The Roxbury”. Directly ahead is “Pulp Fiction”.

After spending a lot of time staring at the selection of posters up and down the hallway (Tootsie/As Good As It Gets/ Never Been Kissed/Devils Advocate/You’ve Got Mail/Disclosure/Pulp Fiction/Contact… etc) I found myself noticing some patterns in the poster layouts. Some put all the faces in a narrow column down the middle. Some put all the faces in two columns on either side- with all the words down the middle. Some just had a big face right down the middle. Having discovered this I found myself playing an interesting game called What-Would-Happen-If-I-Swapped-The-Words-With-The-Images.

Take for instance:


Somehow these two posters would not change too much in tone if the titles and tag lines were swapped. In fact they take on interesting new subtexts.

pulp_fiction_ver4 MPW-32908On the other hand, if you were to use the”Disclosure” masking on the “Pulp Fiction” poster, it would suddenly become a movie about two people smoking… and possibly an affair- with a title like “Disclosure”.

pulp_fiction_ver4 A70-9170

But if you combine the “Pup Fiction” poster with the masking from “Contact” then it becomes a movie about a man with a gun lurking over the shoulder of  a bald man lurking near the ankle of a reclining woman.


It is interesting to see how easy it is to change the tone of a title just by changing the image that goes with it (and vice versa).  Now that I’ve noticed it, I can’t stop seeing it and I keep mentally transposing titles and poster images to see what kinds of interesting combinations I can make. A girl has got to have a hobby, right?

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 27, 2016.

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