It’s so late it’s technically tomorrow. We just got back from seeing “Avengers: Civil War”. Yikes. What a snoozer. I’m not even really sure what happened in the film except that there was A LOT OF IT AND IT WAS VERY LOUD SO IT MUST HAVE BEEN EPIIIICCCC!!!!! I’m imagining that the story was co-written by a seven year old on Mountain Dew to a political science professor.

It didn’t help that sitting in the audience was like sitting in a game of whack-a-mole. People kept popping up and down to walk out, walk in, get a snack, take a phone call, comfort a baby (because babies love to sit quietly loud movie theatres after 10:00PM). All this activity didn’t block the screen or anything, but it didn’t take much distraction to pull me out of the film.

I left feeling pummeled and confused. Have I lost my ability to be entertained? I sometimes wonder whether movies have actually gotten harder to connect to or if I’ve just become so hoity-toity in my expectations that my standards are impossible to live up to. I want to like big superhero movies, but they are becoming less and less about the hero and more and more about the ASPLOSIONS!

Sorry for all the Caps. I feel like I’m mentally shouting to make my thoughts heard.

The rest of the day was laid back and involved several naps. The naps involved several extremely vivid dreams. The earlier ones I can’t even remember now. The later one involved a monsterous shadowy figure standing outside my window silhouetted by the bright sunlight onto the billowing curtains in my room. I got the sense that he could sense every move I made, every thought in my mind. I lay very still, listening. I could hear individual birds chirp and the sound of the wind and the tone of the room (I confess I thought my dream was quite expertly sound designed). The shadowy figure raised his hand to move the curtain aside and to look in the window and…  the Curmudgeonly Lion came in the room and woke me up before I could see who it was. Talk about suspense!

So at least I find my dreams entertaining.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 28, 2016.

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