Chill Day

Today I be like...

Today I be like…

For a long time I just drifted, floating at that place between sleep and awake where it is possible to rise to the surface and then dip back under into a doze effortlessly. It took a long time for me to surface for good, but when I did I finally felt the kind of rested that I’d been longing to feel since the semester ended.

I have learned to treasure days like these. I spend so much time in constant motion moving from one activity to the next that it is easy to forget the simple pleasure of drifting in and out of sleep without the urgency of an alarm hanging over your head. It is days like these when I realize what other people must mean when they talk about chilling out. If I could call up this state of mind at will then I would never fear anxiety again. Maybe someday I’ll learn the trick of it, but for now I am learning just to enjoy it when it happens.

We didn’t have specific plans for the day, but decided that we were going to set aside the afternoon for “adulting” which involved running errands and discussing things like apartment hunting, job hunting, and other major life-changes still hanging over our heads. I sat down and responded to emails- a task that seems like it should’ve taken fifteen minutes but took over an hour. I filled out my schedule for the next few weeks with meetings and appointments and work hours at an upcoming New Media festival that I’m looking forward to experiencing. I got out for a run and called my folks at home and watched the movie “Self/Less” on On-demand. It would be an apples-to-oranges comparison to compare it to “Civil War” (I looked up the ratings for “Civil War” and they were universally pretty good, so I guess it was just me that didn’t like it) but I enjoyed it a lot more.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We don’t have particular plans to attend any events to celebrate it, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be observing it in our own small way. One more day of quiet at home and then right back to the races.

Tomorrow I be like...

Tomorrow I be like…



~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 29, 2016.

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