Like this only less fashionable.

Like this only less fashionable.

Apparently there was an earthquake early this morning, but I didn’t feel it. After three nights of being out until after midnight, I was well and truly knocked off my game. After seeing the Curmudgeonly Lion out the door for the morning I went back to bed and plunged into a deep sleep until nearly eleven. I slept so hard I didn’t realize that I’d left my hairstick in, so pretty much I fell asleep on a chopstick. I refused to allow myself to feel guilty about this.

Some weeks, the goals just don’t happen and I have to let go. This week was one of those weeks. After three long days of helping out with the New Media Film Festival my brain was pretty much full up with all the sensory input that it could manage. It seemed like a good day to stay in and try to organize my thoughts and tidy the house. I got all the floors cleaned and caught up on some correspondence and applied for some more jobs, so I still made good use of my time.

Now it’s nearly bedtime. I still haven’t done any writing for the day so I wanted to be sure to at least put up a post. Maybe I’ll transcribe a few of the notes that I wrote by hand over the past few days in the rare quiet moments at the theatre. Transcribing seems to be a good low-pressure way to get the ball rolling sometimes: I can copy over some writing that I’ve already done without having to worry if it is “good” or not.  Once I’m in the creative mind-space it is easier to stay there and create new original work. I’m starting to get into a writerly mindset: thinking about how I would describe the denizens of a movie theatre lobby, for instance, or considering a concept for a short story about janitors- just little snippets of ideas so far, but I’m gaining momentum if I can just keep it up.

Tomorrow we are going out to look at a new house to rent in the morning, but after that my day should be free to do some more catching up. With luck I’ll be able to start getting myself back on track for the following week.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 10, 2016.

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