This is about as much house as we can afford in LA.

This is about as much house as we can afford in LA.

It was a day spent looking at houses, playing an imaginary game of tetris with an invisible set of furniture to decide whether the space was worth the cost was worth the distance of moving. By the time we got home, all I could manage was to fall into bed for a nap.

It didn’t help that the sky stayed overcast all day. On the one hand, it made it pleasant and cool to drive all over town looking at places and it had the added advantage of giving us a sense of what any property would look at on a gloomy day- if it still felt airy and homey, that was a good sign. On the other hand, it made it difficult to tell what a property would be like in the beating down heat of direct summer sunlight, so I guess there is a bit of a trade off.

That’s all that I managed to do for the day: look at houses and take a nap. We didn’t do dinner until after eight. It consisted of cucumbers in the fridge that Needed Eating. And ice cream. Because of course. So I don’t have much to talk about. Tomorrow looks like it is likely to be another day of house hunting and another day of falling further behind on all the things I need to catch up on last week. I’d say that I’d just plan to do everything on Monday instead, but I have two job interviews already scheduled. That’s progress of a different sort, I suppose.

The thought of moving is a thought too big to think about all at once: trying to think about putting all of our stuff into boxes and making trip after trip across town and setting up a new household and changing address and insurance is pretty intimidating. Everything would be new. New running routes. New grocery stores. New commutes. So much new-ness all at once. So many unknowns.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m overthinking this, so that is all for today. Hopefully we will find just the right place tomorrow.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 11, 2016.

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