How do you feel about a black-and-white dress code?

How do you feel about an all black dress code?

It turns out that it is exhausting to get up at five in the morning and go to back-to-back interviews. By the time I made it home mid-afternoon I had to give in and take a nap. I’m such an old lady. Both interviews went well- I feel cautiously optimistic that my prospects are good, although it is still too soon to make any grand announcements.

One of the interviews involved skill tests for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and a typing speed-test. I felt pretty good about the Microsoft Word test- only got three questions wrong, but was slightly less pleased with how I did with Microsoft Excel. I use Excel a lot, but in my defense, I don’t really use it for the kind of accounting and bookkeeping that it was designed for, so I was easily stumped when it came to questions about various functions. I think that I did reasonably well on the typing test, although I never got to see the results. I found myself at a slight disadvantage trying to type on a keyboard with full-depth keys when I’m used to typing on laptops where the keys are shorter and flatter. But I guess I’ll have to type on all kinds of keyboards, so I’d better get used to adapting.

So that was my day. I made it home and crashed and then got up and started puttering around the house. Today’s “adulting” task was to clean the stovetop, which took several rounds of scrubbing and still isn’t perfectly pristine. I decided it was Good Enough when my fingertips turned into prunes. I’ll have to keep wearing away at it I think.

It’s probably a good night to get to bed early. Tomorrow I have several meetings and a little bit of follow-up work that I need to address from today. After that, the week is still pretty open, but I’m sure it will fill up fast. Things seem to be moving!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 13, 2016.

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  1. What functions or skills were they looking for within Excel by chance?

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