Still Day

It was a day for lying very still in room with all the curtains drawn, just trying to avoid the heat. It’s nearly the first day of summer, and already we are getting heat in the nineties. Tomorrow is due to get into the hundreds. We gave in and turned on the air conditioner with the intention of letting it cool the apartment overnight and turn it off before the “power saving” hours tomorrow. Hopefully that will be enough to get us by.

On the topic of summer, can anybody clarify what day constitutes the First Day of summer? I always thought that it was June twenty first since that is the date of the solstice, but on the weather report on the news they were saying that summer was going to officially start tomorrow afternoon sometime around three… Is it a Leap Year thing or have I always just had the dates wrong?

Anyway, the most active thing that I did all day was to go running around sundown when the heat was merely around ninety. I guess there is some satisfaction to be had from getting good and sweaty. It wasn’t a bad run, all things considered.

I called my Dad for Father’s Day and got to chat on the phone with him and my Mom for a little bit, which is always nice. They had been traveling and were still recovering from the trip and catching up on things like mowing the lawn.

The only other notable thing about my day was the incredibly complex and vivid dreams that I had during the morning. Most of them I don’t remember- something to do with complex palace intrigues in the Tzarist Russian court and secret passageways involving slides and being some kind of secret agent and there might also have been dinosaurs… I can’t really remember. What I do remember- extremely vividly- was a part of the dream where I witnessed a massive, blinding flash of white light. I immediately clamped my eyes shut with the pain, but I could still see the light. I put my hands over my eyes and turned my face into the ground but I could still see the light. It was still white and incandescently blinding even with my eyes closed. I couldn’t tell if it was inside my head or if it was something outside that I could still see, but I knew that no matter what I did I would never be able to look away. And then, of course I had wild dreams and then woke up. Don’t know what it means, if anything.

So that was my day. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind… And maybe back to campus to do some work in the air conditioning.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 19, 2016.

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