Day at the Fair


Did I mention that it was "Alice In Wonderland" themed?

We drove down to San Diego to go to the county fair. My sister, Filbert, was there performing with her clown band so it was a good excuse to visit with her and to get out of town for a change from the routine.

Yesterday we arrived at the fair just in time to catch one of the band performances and immediately did our best to start embarrassing Filbert by taking pictures like enthusiastic soccer moms. We caught a bit of the fair, ate corndogs and lemonade and discovered Distilled Fest was going on during the afternoon, so we got wristbands and went around trying all sorts of spirits from different local distilleries. I stuck to whiskeys, and The Curmudgeonly Lion tried this and that. Top favorites were the Bulleit whiskey for smoothness, Nimble Nectars (non-alcoholic mixers) for their tart-cherry/lime mixer that sent me straight back to my childhood, and a sweet potato liqueur from Corbin & Cash that I never would have tried on my own but now that I have tried it, I wouldn’t mind having on hand for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today we arrived at the fair later, glistening with aloe from some quite severe sunburns. We looked at the livestock, which was rather sparse, and took a white knuckle ride on the Sky Lift. We walked through the California a grown tent and I ate my first cricket (on purpose) from one of the vendors. It was interesting… savory, crispy, not unpleasant. Putting it in my mouth was the hardest part. (That’s what she said).

So there has been plenty of new experiences. The visit has been great fun, but I’m looking forward getting back to said routine. I’ve reached my limit on fried food and sugary goodies, bright sunlight, large crowds, and musty, dingey hotel rooms.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 26, 2016.

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