Number Alignment

We made it home in record time last night. We left San Diego, driving straight into the setting sun, and arrived in Los Angeles before the last of the twilight faded. Granted, at this time of the year, twilight lasts for about an hour and a half, but still: it was the Southern California version of fair winds and following seas. 

Which was good: I had work to do. In the morning I was scheduled to meet with the lady who works in the business office to go over the books for the film project that I produced last summer. I was more than a little intimidated by this task- I try to keep good records, but I’m not a bookkeeper and if the numbers don’t automatically match up I can get lost very quickly. 

The numbers didn’t match up. 
My numbers consisted of the totals on a series of expense reports. Her numbers consisted of the totals on a number of reimbursement checks. She had printed me a copy of her list of payouts so I could compare it to my budget and make sure that everything had been received. Only half of these matched up with each other. I could cross check these numbers by seeing what amounts had been deposited into the production bank accounts, but more often than not I deposited multiple reimbursements at the same time meaning that I was confronted by three or four big numbers that I had to break apart into an unknown quantity of smaller numbers before I could tell if they were the same numbers as any of my other numbers. 

I worked on this for an hour in the car and then for another two hours after getting home, by which time it was nearly midnight and I was more confused than I had been at the start. 

So today started off with getting some numbers straightened out. As intimidated as I was going in, I feel a bit clearer on it all now. And after that, the rest of the day felt like a gentle downhill slope of unpacking, laundry, energy saving and sweating. I filled out the paperwork to put in an application for one of the rentals that we looked at. It might be too late- it sounds like there are multiple applications on the table, but it was good practice. Rental applications are a surprisingly invasive procedure. Why is it important what car I drive, and why do they need my license plate number? And I can understand asking for references, but why do they need their address as well as their phone number? And do they really need more than ten years of work history? Yikes. Well, I’m limbered up now. 

Speaking of limbering up: three days of greasy food, late nights and travel seemed to be good for my running. In spite of the fact that I seemed to have put on another five pounds over the weekend, this was one of the easiest runs I’ve had in my life. Everything felt good. Really good. The three miles were over too fast. So at least there’s that. 

Anyway, no intimidating meetings at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so it’s back to job hunting. Yay. Seriously, though, it’s good to be back. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 28, 2016.

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