The Next Four Years

And now for the next project... well, soon anyway...

And now for the next project… well, soon anyway… once I tidy up.

I had coffee with a friend who is preparing to fly across the country to shoot a feature film in less than a week. It has been two months since I saw her last and this project wasn’t one of the ones that I knew about, so talk about on the ball! Here I am, taking my sweet time wrapping up the last few remaining projects from The USC (that was how I referred to it today- it was a slip of the tongue but it seems appropriate) and here she is a week away from flying to New York to produce a feature.

Dang, I got to admire that.

On one hand, I’m hand-wringingly jealous because, well, duh- a feature. On the other hand, though, I’m relieved to have the time to recuperate and to wrap up the aforementioned projects from The USC. It always takes me a long time to finish things (I’m SUPER good at starting them, though) and it feels important to close the books on everything leftover from graduate school before taking on something new. And even though I’m eager to get to work, I can tell that my body and my subconscious are still working through a few things from the past three/four years of my life.

Looking back at my life, I notice that it tends to fall into four year cycles, occasionally with about a year in between for transition. High school was four years. College was four years. Then a year of temping and working on one film. Then getting the job and moving downtown- I was there for seven years, but by the end it was punctuated after four years by getting married. Then there was a year of preparation and then we moved to Los Angeles and I went to grad school. It’s the fourth year right now.  It certainly feels like a transition. I’m planting as many seeds as I can, but I don’t really know what the next four years will look like, but I hope that I can emulate my producer friend and seize opportunities and run with them.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to do, and I think it’s ok to just focus on clearing the deck so that the Next Thing can have my full attention.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 2, 2016.

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