Oh yeah- this is gonna be me. :-)

Oh yeah- this is gonna be me. 🙂

Tomorrow I turn thirty four.

I cleared my schedule for the day: last year’s birthday was so wall-to-wall with activity that I decided that this year I was going to give myself the gift of a day to myself: a whole day with no obligations except for the things that I want to do. It turns out that I’m going to get my wish a little bit more literally than I intended: the Curmudgeonly Lion had to fly out of town today to attend the funeral of a relative. So I’m really getting the day to myself. He felt terribly guilty for having to go, but there’s no arguing with a funeral. And there’s nothing like knowing that there is a funeral taking place on your birthday to really make you appreciate being alive.

This got me thinking: we celebrate birthdays as a way to make someone feel special for being born, as if this were some great accomplishment. There’s cake and presents and sometimes singing waiters. We joke about getting older and getting closer to death, but we don’t really celebrate life and living: we save that for the funeral. I found myself wondering how we would celebrate a birthday differently if the goal was to celebrate living instead of making someone feel special for being alive.

And then it occurred to me that I had the perfect opportunity to find out: a day all to myself- to celebrate as I please.

What is it about life that I really want to celebrate? What is it about my life in particular that is worth celebrating? Is it something to get up early for or something to sleep in late? Is it about special food at every meal because it is different (incidentally, the minute he found out he was going out of town the Curmudgeonly Lion cooked enough food to feed an ARMY for me for the few days that he’s gone) or is it about enjoying the meals that I have every day because I like them. Is it about going out or staying in? Is it about work or play? Napping? Running? Maybe I’ll go to a movie all by myself. Maybe I’ll go buy myself a fancy cupcake. Maybe I’ll buy myself a dozen fancy cupcakes in different flavors.

Too many choices!

So I’m going to have to play it by ear. I’ll probably get up early so that I can justify having a nap later on. There will be a run involved- maybe an extra long one. Probably an outing of some kind, although I don’t know what yet. I’ll do a little reading and a little bit of work- but only the work that I want to do because it is meaningful to me. Maybe I’ll call each person who sent me a gift when I open it so that I can celebrate having them in my life. I shall seek out cake. I shall not feel guilty about drinking beer. Maybe tomorrow will be the day that I have a writing breakthrough. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find the new house for us to live in. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get hired… Tomorrow is shaping up to be a good day: I’m looking forward to it.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 7, 2016.

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