Yay Boo

Up and Down. Up and Down.

Up and Down. Up and Down.

In the comedy directing class that I took, we played a “game” called “Yay Boo”. This involves breaking down a scene into it’s “up” moments (Yay!) when something good happens and the “down” moments (Boo) when something bad happens. The goal is to make a lot of contrast between the two and to have them happen in close proximity to one another in order to keep the action of the scene moving like a pendulum between the two of them.

Well,  it was a Yay Boo day. It started out with a job interview, so I made sure to get up early and to pick out an outfit that looked pressed and professional. I have a pair of black pinstriped pants that are my go-to for this kind of thing and they were fresh back from the dry cleaners. Yay. I put them on, but I seem to have put on a bit of weight around my middle, which made them a little bit more snug than I would have liked, but I figured I could handle it. Fully dressed, I went into the kitchen for breakfast to discover that the cat had left me a little vomity present on the floor by the food dish. I got a papertowel and went to wipe it up, but as I was bending down there was a snap! and a sudden cool breeze: the entire crotch seam had ripped. And I mean the entire seam- from zipper to waistband. My favorite pants were now my favorite chaps. Boo.

The job interview itself went well: I made it on time, did my best to act competent and enthusiastic and avoided down-talking myself. I’m cautiously hopeful: it would be a great opportunity and at least a one year commitment which I’m perfectly happy with. I won’t know until Wednesday whether I’ll be called back for the second interview, but at least the first one felt like a success. Yay.

On the way home I remembered having a few errands to run: grocery shopping and getting the car washed. I stopped at the auto-spa with the free vacuum cleaners and gave the foot-wells a going over before taking a ride through the car wash: this was always a thrilling adventure as a kid. I haven’t grown out of it. Unfortunately, the new, cleaner car now revealed a small ding/scratch in the paint on the rear passenger side quarter panel. Boo. I was not looking forward to confessing that I’d dinged the new car to the Curmudgeonly Lion, although once he took a look at it he thought it might’ve been from a rock.

In spite of these ups and downs, I think the day was mostly a “yay”- I got a belated birthday gift from a friend, had some successful meetings, and, of course, got the Curmudgeonly Lion back from his trip, which was the biggest “yay” of all. So I feel pretty lucky with my life today- in spite of a few unexpected setbacks.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 11, 2016.

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