Hundred Years Sleep

Rip Van Sleeping Beauty

Rip Van Sleeping Beauty

It was early afternoon when we made it back home after attempting to look at another townhouse and a lunch meeting. If you had asked me, I wouldn’t have said that I was that tired: just ready for a little relaxing after running around. I lay down on the bed and read a chapter or so of my book and then rolled over figuring I’d doze for a little while.

Three hours later I woke up feeling like I’d been asleep for a hundred years while a steamroller went back and forth over me the whole time. I might have continued sleeping if the act of waking up hadn’t caused my temperature to suddenly spike: I found myself drenched in sweat as if I’d just run a marathon. I got up, but mostly just to try to cool down and to get some water: I probably would have slept some more if I hadn’t.

Naps like these don’t happen often. Although the Curmudgeonly Lion likes to joke that I’d sleep all day if given the chance, I’m typically a light napper. Deep, heavy, hours-at-a-time sleep usually happens when I’m getting sick. I hope I’m not getting sick.

I have to think that it is my brain’s way of coping with the unknown: by plunging me into the deepest of sleep states it can spend some time re-wiring my thoughts without me interrupting the process by trying to make a list or something. Aside from feeling physically flattened, I did feel calmer and clear-headed afterwards. Clear-headed, but uncertain about what day it was: I called my folks to chat thinking that it was Sunday… I was pleased and surprised to discover I had a whole second day of weekend left ahead of me.

So clearly it took me a little while to get back up to speed. I stuck to simple things like filing bills and sorting paperwork and then going for a run. Now it’s late and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sleep when I go to bed for the night after such a comprehensive nap during the afternoon. We shall see.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 16, 2016.

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