Surprising Depths

Hidden depths...

Hidden depths…

Admittedly, I don’t know what to write about tonight that I haven’t written about before.

We looked at another house today. It seemed very nice but we’re hoping to find out if our income will qualify this time before we actually pay to apply, so I’m making an effort to not get too attached to it until I know. It was in a lovely quiet neighborhood, but was a bit further afield than we were hoping to go. The yard mostly consists of gravel and dead squares of sod through which patches of crab-grass has emerged in little green mounds like lawn acne. The only tree was a fig tree with one ripe fig (and many green figs) and one bold squirrel who eyeballed me with shiny black eyes from arm’s length away as I reached up to pick it. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a fresh fig before- it was quite good.

We came home and I read a little more of my book. I napped but not as deeply or profoundly as yesterday which was a relief. I still woke up to a sudden spike in my temperature and had to get up in order to cool down. I sat and did a little bit of writing- skipping around to write scenes as they occurred to me instead of following the plot linearly, but at least I put words down on paper (or the nearest digital equivalent). Whilst doing so I received a text from my folks’ house asking if I wanted to Skype since nearly the whole family happened to be at home: my sister Bean and her husband Steadfast who serenaded us on a recently repaired accordion.  My brother, Northwoods, shared a series of scenes from popular movies that he had re-dubbed to be sales pep-talks for the car dealership where he manages social media (he sent me a link- they were really well done), and his wife, Bobbin, filled us in on adventures as a bridesmaid and the perils of poorly constructed bridesmaid’s dresses. My other sister, Filbert, was there but was clearly worn out and retreated into the other room- but she comes by her fatigue honestly by working three or four jobs, that lazy Millenial.

I wished that I’d had more to share.

When we ran out of things to say, I signed off and went out for a run. I told myself that the key was just to keep moving forward, the way that time moves forward no matter what. I wondered if time and the universe ever found moving forward to be more or less difficult from day to day the way that sometimes I could run my three miles with ease and speed and other times I was breathless and sore and I could never know which it was going to be. Then I got to wondering whether forward motion through time was truly constant, and if so whether it revealed a truth about a natural order to the universe. Then I wondered whether the universe naturally tended more towards order or more towards chaos. Then I decided I was thinking too much and tried to think about nothing at all.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 17, 2016.

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  1. The names!

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